Wild Salmon Sushi Salad by Chef David Hawksworth

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Chef David Hawksworth realises his culinary vision at his first eponymous restaurant, in the very heart of downtown Vancouver. At Hawksworth Restaurant he has created…

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  • Wild Salmon400g
  • Cooked and seasoned brown sushi rice (or regular)360g
  • Toasted sesame seeds4 tsp
  • Black sesame seeds2 tsp
  • Pickled ginger4 pinches
  • Spring onions (minced)8
  • Avocados (cut into bite-sized pieces)2
  • Toasted nori (tear into small pieces)3 leaves
  • Soy beans100ml
  • Japanese mayonaise8 small drops
  • Small jalapeno (sliced thin, seeds removed and soaked in water)1
  • Shiso (chopped)2 leaves
  • Ripe pink grapefruit (chopped)4 segments
  • Wasabito taste
  • Soyto taste
3 Steps to complete

1. Prepare rice

2. Mix ingredients

3. Finish and serve

Recipe Description

Everyone loves sushi and this is a super easy way to make a delicious and healthy salad without years of training!

It was inspired by a trip to Australia where I met Mike McEnearney from Kitchen by Mike. Amazing restaurant and if you get the chance to visit Sydney I would make sure you stop by.

Did you know that a recent study found that wild salmon contained as much as three times more Vitamin A and eight times more Vitamin D than farmed salmon? Click here to lean more!

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