Sockeye Salmon with Prosciutto Vinaigrette

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Born and raised in North Vancouver, Faizal’s early passions revolved around competitive sports where he excelled at badminton and golf. However, the alluring tastes and…

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  • Wild Sockeye Salmon Filets2.5 oz portions
  • Field Cucumbers2 (Diced 1 inch)
  • Radishes4 (Quartered)
  • Eggplant1
  • Clove Garlic1 (Sliced)
  • Squid Ink1 Tsp
  • Fresh Thyme1 Sprig
  • Parsley1 Bunch (Chopped)
  • Green Onion1 Tbsp (Chopped)
  • Prosciutto di San Daniele2 Tbsp (Minced)
  • Grainy Dijon Mustard1 Tsp
  • Quality Extra Virgin Olive OilUse As Needed
  • Chianti VinegarUse As Needed
  • Kosher SaltTo Taste
6 Steps to complete

1. Preheat Oven and Prepare Eggplant

2. Add Chianti Vinegar, Olive Oil, and Squid Ink

3. Prepare Field Cucumber Salad

4. Prepare Proscuitto Vinaigrette

5. Cook Salmon

6. Plate and Serve

Recipe Description

Feeling adventurous in the kitchen? Why not try this mouth-watering recipe for Sockeye Salmon with eggplant nero, field cucumber salad, and prosciutto vinaigrette from Cibo Trattoria’s Chef Faizal Kassam.

Located in the chic Moda Hotel in the heart of downtown Vancouver’s arts and cultural district, Cibo Trattoria is the ideal destination for an enjoyable Italian dining experience and memorable evening out in the city. True to the trattoria aspect of its name, Cibo’s 40 seat, cozy dining room is the perfect spot for any occasion or social gathering; where patrons enjoy casual, rustic Italian cuisine in a warm, inviting atmosphere.

FRESH. ORGANIC. LOCAL. SEASONAL. Cibo Trattoria specializes in authentic cuisine with same-day fresh and local ingredients. Cibo is truly one of a kind when it comes to sustainability and the use of organic products; we are 100% committed to this movement.

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