Sockeye Salmon Ceviche

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Shelome Bouvette is one half of the executive chef team at Chicha's with 20 years of cooking experience; a veteran with a big and fun…

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  • Wild salmon (cleaned, deboned and cut into cubes)1 lb
  • cilantro1 bunch
  • jalepenos2
  • lemon ponzu (can get in Asian section in supermarket)1 cup
  • passion fruit juice1 cup
  • roasted red pepper1
  • red Thai chilis2
  • ginger (peeled and cut)1 tablespoon
  • honey1 cup
  • mayonnaise1 cup + 2 tablespoons
  • wasabi powder or paste1 tablespoon
  • avocado1
  • lime1
  • wonton wrappers1/2 pack
  • nori
  • pea shoots or mixed greens1/2 pound
5 Steps to complete

1. Garnish - Wontons and Nori

2. Ceviche

3. Passion Fruit Ginger Dressing

4. Wasabi Aoli

5. Bringing it all Together

Recipe Description

Looking for a new way to enjoy delicious sockeye salmon? Try this Wild Sockeye Salmon ceviche with passion fruit ginger vinaigrette by Chef Shelome Bouvette of Chicha Restaurant and fall in love with sockeye salmon all over again.

Chicha Restaurant is located at 136 E Broadway (near Main Street) in Vancouver, B.C. Chicha offers delicious modern share plates inspired by Peruvian flavours.

Did you know that the heavy use of antibiotics to control diseases on fish farms has been shown to promote the growth of antibiotic resistant bacteria that are dangerous human health? Click here to lean more!

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