Pink Salmon Fillets in “Kimono”

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  • Wild-caught pink salmon fillet, skin on4 6oz
  • Hoisin sauce
  • Tamari or light soy sauce
  • Sesame oil
  • Pepper
4 Steps to complete

1. Get Ready

2. Make the Sauce

3. Put it all Together

4. Cook it!

Recipe Description

Easy prep, exotic flavour and great value in this recipe for an Asian-robed pink salmon fillet.

Pink salmon has been a much under-valued fish, but consumers are starting to realize that it is an affordable, delicious and healthy fish choice, with a subtle flavour. With more of the product coming to market fresh and frozen, you should easily be able to find it in your grocery store.

Did you know that farmed salmon producers actually use petrochemical dyes to give their salmon’s flesh it appetizing pinkish colour? Click here to lean more!

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