Pesto Salmon

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Purchasing Smart Source Seafood guarantees you're eating the finest salmon harvested from pristine Alaskan waters. Alaska’s marine habitats are extremely clean, and our seafood is…

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  • Wild Alaska Sockeye Salmon fillet1- 1.5 lb
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil1 Tbsp
  • Packed fresh basil leaves2 cups
  • Garlic2 Cloves
  • Pine nuts or walnuts¼ cup
  • Extra-virgin olive oil2/3 cup
  • Salt and freshly ground pepperTo Taste
  • Freshly grated Parmesan cheese1/2 Cup
7 Steps to Complete

1. *Salmon Steps*

2. *Salmon Steps*

3. *Salmon Steps*

4. *Salmon Steps*

5. *Pesto Steps*

6. *Pesto Steps*

7. *Pesto Steps*

Recipe Description

Alaska’s marine habitats are extremely clean, and it’s seafood is pure and  free of contamination by pesticides, antibiotics, PCBs, growth hormones, dyes, and bacteria.

This delicious pesto salmon recipe comes from our friends at Smart Source Seafood. Smart Source Seafood is a fantastic organization committed to providing healthy, wild Alaskan salmon from well-managed, sustainable salmon.

This recipe also comes with a homemade pesto recipe but works with store bought pesto as well!

To find more recipes and learn more about wild Alaskan salmon visit

Recipe by: Maddie O’Laire

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