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Genetically modified salmon approved for sale in Canada

On May 19, Health Canada approved AquAdvantage Salmon, created by AquaBounty Canada Inc. for both human and livestock consumption. The salmon are genetically modified to grow faster and therefor reach market size sooner than conventional farmed salmon, but studies found that it is otherwise the same as conventional salmon. Though they are genetically modified, they will not be labelled as such when sold in stores because there are no health risks or significant changes to the nutritional qualities of the food. “The science behind the salmon involved the introduction of a growth hormone gene from Chinook salmon into the genome of Atlantic salmon,” said Health Canada’s decision summary. Genetically modified salmon will not be raised in B.C. anytime soon. “Salmon farmers in B.C. are proud to produce the healthiest and freshest salmon in the world,” said the B.C. Salmon Farmers Association in a press release. “They do not farm or sell GMO salmon, nor are they researching or considering the possibility of raising transgenic fish.”…

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Sacred Salmon Ceremony returns to Cape Mudge

Despite the drizzle on Saturday afternoon hundreds turned up for the first Salmon Ceremony at Cape Mudge in more than 30 years. Dr. Chief Robert Joseph lead the ceremony. He explained that salmon are held in high esteem in the community because they give themselves up to sustain the population. One of the main ideas behind the salmon ceremony is that when the salmon are…

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Salmon poaching charges likely after surveillance in central

Just a couple weeks into the salmon angling season, fish and wildlife officers have already made several arrests for illegal fishing. The first set of alleged poachers were nabbed on June 14 in the area of Leading Tickles in Notre Dame Bay. A surveillance operation spurred by public complaints caught three men setting a salmon net. Officers were able to arrest them on the spot. The men —…

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Marinating salmon in juice can make a delicious difference

I try to get fish on my family's table two or three times a week. The research describing the incredible heart and brain benefits to eating fish, especially fatty fish like salmon, is compelling. An extra bonus? Fatty fish is more filling, too, which means I'm less hungry for late night snacks a few hours after dinner. However, many home cooks shy away from making…

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